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Kunstwerkboek is a collaborative project initiated by Joyce Vlaming, visual artist and coordinator Art and Culture at AxionContinu. Vlaming created Kunstwerkboek together with Marjolein Witte, Cas van Dijk and Saskia Hoogkamer. The graphic design was made by Bea Oostenenk (Atelier Oost). Kunstwerkboek is a book containing sixteen creative contributions from Utrecht artists, writers and curators. It is presented in a box with basic drawing materials such as pencils and coloured markers. The book is intended for elderly people in care homes who have little or no contact moments and activities due to the corona measures. At the same time the project provides work for artists whom also see a reduction in their activitities during this period.

Participants: Caz Egelie, Elnaz Ghaemi, Joyce Overheul, Joyce Vlaming, Lotte van Laatum, Marisa Rappard, Marjolein Sponselee, Marjolein Witte, Merel Zwarts, Mitchel Breed, Ronald Nijhof, Roos Berkvens, Trudi van Zadelhoff, Sanne.Marije, BoterBoter and Baban Kirkuki.

This project is sponsored by: Richard Hoogland Fonds, K. F. Hein Fonds, Fonds Sluyterman van Loo, ZonMw, Libertas Pascal, AxionContinu.