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Commission design for Gerrit Rietveld College and Studio Steltman in Utrecht. The Gerrit Rietveld College is building a collection of artworks. The school now features works by Vincent de Boer, Wafae Ahalouch, Caz Egelie and Marjolein Witte.

The word cover has several meanings that characterize this window installation. The designs cover/occupie a certain space, but at the same time offer protection. A cover is also a remake, usually in music, but in this case it is a contemporary visual “cover” of De Stijl. The colors of De Stijl, black, red, yellow and blue, can be found in the geometric shapes, some times distorted, due to the degree of opacity. In the geometric constructions I play with the properties of the glass, in which transparency, light and environment play their part. I also try to look for spatiality in the flat surface, without the shapes having to be correct.

Photographed by: Robin Meyer / Marjolein Witte